Basement Waterproofing Cookeville Repair

Wet Basement?

Water damage can come from many sources.  Sometimes it is a foundation problem while others it can be that proper drainages or water proofing solutions have not been implemented.  If you do not accurately access all the possible threats to your home or basement you can leave yourself open to future problems and even waste money on your current Read More


Cracked FoundationFoundation Problems?

We not only help our customers shore up their homes’ foundations but we also like to have them sealed to prevent more than just structural damage. We look to have the foundation to be repaired in a way to prevent future problems.  You can take confidence that you have a company that not only has been in business since 2002, but also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Bad work can follow a company for years, however the good news is that we do excellent work with a proven track record!  Your home is Read More

Little Girl Blowing Nose 123rf_8572389_sGot Mold?

Our family own and Cookeville, TN Company is well aquatinted with mold removal and how to make sure it is done correct.  Mold removal is obviously a very series business and we take it as such.  We look at mold removal from several angles, because if you don’t handle it right it can be sometimes very devastating to a property.  We will even deal with crawl space and basement mold and correct underlying issues even as large as foundation issues if you would like.  Mold problems can be dealt with accurately with our well trained and  Read More

Crawl Space Image-5Musty Crawl Space?

Atlantis Waterproofing and Mold Control in Cookeville offers crawl space repair and crawl space vapor barriers, to Cookeville, TN homeowners, that are designed to get rid of humidity, mold, musty odors, and higher utility bills. We offer multiple solutions to permanently get rid of water and moisture in your crawl space, along with offering crawl space structural support systems, such as jacks. Our complete crawl space product line includes vapor barriers, supports, and sump pumps designed specifically for crawl spaces. We serve the entire middle Tennesse area, and offer Read More

NEVER Be Underwater Again!

Wet basements and mildewy crawl spaces have just become a thing of the past.

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Basement Water Proofing, Mold Removal, Foundation Repair, and Crawl Space Repair!

Water Problem Repair Cookeville TN

We have been in the crawl space repair and basement waterproofing business for 25 years and serving the Cookeville TN area as well as NashvilleSpartaand Chattanooga, TN areas.  We are known for our quality work and to be in our line of business and have an A+ rating with the BBB is quite impressive.  In fact we stand behind our so much that we even provide a Lifetime Warranty on our basement waterproofing and this Lifetime Warranty is fully transferable.

Water Problems And Water Damage Can Be A Scary Thing!

Atlantis Waterproofing is based right out of Cookeville, TN and we care about our customers and their families.  In fact we are a family owned business and we take our work so series that we do not subcontract any of our work.  It is important to us that the job be done right the first time, whether it is a water proofing, mold removal, foundation repair, or even a detailed crawl space repair project.

Water Or Foundation Problems?

Times can be tuff or series water problems and damage can take us by surprise at times.  We offer 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months same as cash!  Then above and beyond this we offer up to 60 months with approved financing.  Also, if you are concerned that you may have a problem we can come out and give you a free inspection from everything including from foundation damage to crawl space repair and water proofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to the business of foundation repair, wet basements, home water problems, and even crawl space repair issues there can be a lot of questions.  Often times a closer in person look can resolve many of these questions, while others require testing.  These are very serious things and can often times impact nearly every area of our life.  A recent flood or an unknown mold growth in a home once found out can be devastating and even more devastating if not handled properly.

Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering Systems

Water or Mold Problems?

We know water flooding, wet basements, leaks, or simple mold removal needs can be very stressful. Let our trained technicians take the stress and bad results out of your water problems. Our experts can potentially save you a lot of time, money, stress, further damage, and in some cases health issues!

Are the cracks in my foundation cause for concern.

Yes, but just how much cause for concern is hard to tell without having one of our foundation repair technicians inspect your property and structure.

How many years have you been in business?

We have actually been in the waterproofing business since 1986 and have developed quite a portfolio of experience and happy customers!

Can my basement or crawl space really be fixed?

Yes, in almost every case your basement or crawl space can be fixed and even turned into a dry and safe location.  This is great because this not only effects the basement or crawlspace, but it effects the rest of your home more than you may know.  Repairing, encapsulating, or even putting in a basement dehumidifier can really help your homes integrity.  Then if you have foundation problems and you repair this as well you will help ensure the integrity of your home.

Tom D. – Cookeville, TN

Atlantis Waterproofing company was recommend to us for our foundation issues (crack and sinking) among other major issues. Atlantis did not waste any time with fixing our problems with the basement. They were there the next morning with his crew – I could not believe how quickly they got to work on it and how long they worked. I have never had anyone help me like they did. I sent Atlantis a thank you card and a gift certificate because they went the extra mile for us.

Tom D.
Cookeville, TN

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Matthew B. – Cookeville, TN

This basement waterproofing company was the most professional I have found in the Cookville area of Tennessee. We had a crazy basement leak on the right side of our basement that was ruining our carpets. They have a really cool way of sealing the basement cracks in the walls to keep the water out and fix our water leaking problem.

I highly recommend this foundation repair contractor as they were also able to seal the cracks in the foundation and thenn treat the whole basement for mold remediation. Great work everyone!
Ask for Dwayne Spencer

Matthew B.
Cookeville, TN

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Brenda S. – Hendersonville, TN

Prior to any of the work being performed, Atlantis brought their commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers to my home and dried out my crawl space. I got several bids from other waterproofing companies and Atlantis was the only company who offered to do this! I felt this company did not try to oversell me on things I did not need. Dwayne Spencer, owner of the company, addressed all of my concerns and explained the guarantee and lifetime warranty associated with the work.

Once my crawl space was dry, the crew started the work. They were on time and very tidy. The foreman kept me updated on the progress of the work and answered my multiple questions. They did the job in a timely manner, but never seemed rushed. I am very happy with the work performed by Atlantis Waterproofing. I have not had any water or humidity issues in my crawl space since the job was completed.

Brenda S.
Hendersonville, TN

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James B. – Clarksville, TN

Working good! Had waited about three seasons to see if there were anymore water issues before putting up the interior walls in the basement. No leaks after those three seasons and we put up the interior walls as planned. Everything working great! Atlantis Waterproofing company have really good workers too.

James B.
Clarksville, TN

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